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What's Plastic?>Familiar Plastic Goods

Familiar Plastic Goods

There are lots of things called "plastic" around us, what on earth is "plastic"?

It originally comes from a Greek word "Plastikos", which means to build an image with soft materials, such as clay.

I think "plastic" originally has a meaning of property of material.

From now on, you're going to learn more about plastic!

What is another name of plastic?

Sae, do you know "plastic" has another name?
Oh? I don't know. Does it really have another one?

Yes, it seems to have one. But I don't know・・・.

You don't know that?!
The "plastic" is also called "synthetic resin".

It's just like you to know it!

Types of plastic

Do you know you can classify plastic into two types according to its property?
I don't know. How about you, Mr. Tic?

Of course, yes! Are those "Thermoplastic resin" and "Thermosetting resin", Mr. Usukawa?

That's right! You know really well.

I'd like to know more about them.

We make use of one of the characteristics of plastic. It changes its shape if some power is added. It’s called reversibility of thermoplastic resin. The same phenomenon happens to clay.
And we also make use of a characteristic of thermosetting resin. It’ll get hard you heat it.

I see.

These days, plastic called "elastomer" is generally used. It has elasticity like rubber.

I didn't know that.
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